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US-5401111-A: System and method for cleaning data bearing cards patent, US-6558730-B1: Potato-based fabricated snacks made from continuously sheeted doughs and methods for controlling the texture and organoleptical properties thereof patent, US-6096436-A: Boron and nitrogen containing coating and method for making patent, US-6553050-B1: Narrow band excimer or molecular fluorine laser having an output coupling interferometer patent, US-6002829-A: Luminaire device patent, US-6069857-A: Optical disc system having improved circuitry for performing blank sector check on readable disc patent, US-3828834-A: Assembly for converting a drill press to a wood lathe patent, US-3830807-A: Iron carbonyl complexes of azo compounds patent, US-3840865-A: Detection of magnetic domains by tunnel junctions patent, US-436278-A: Refrigerator patent, US-450091-A: Vaporizer for gas-engines patent, US-456908-A: Electeic hoistina machine patent, US-45841-A: Improved machine for cutting sheet metal patent, US-475824-A: stiokney patent, US-482608-A: Charles james patent, US-499557-A: lennard patent, US-5183539-B1: Method of purifying crude glycidyl (meth) acrylate patent, US-527717-A: Wool or felt boot patent, US-537693-A: Arturo malignant patent, US-543337-A: Pneumatic tire patent, US-577906-A: Machine patent, US-3875142-A: Process for preparing 2,3-dihydro-1H-benzodiazepine derivatives and their salts patent, US-3929874-A: Aminohydroxypolycarboxylic acid compounds patent, US-4219462-A: 6-Methyl penicillins patent, US-4842275-A: Method for conducting a competition patent, US-5235584-A: Apparatus for detecting a position of a light spot on an optical disc patent, US-5264339-A: Method for the maufacture of a recording material including gelatin patent, US-3880340-A: Apparatus for welding a flange to a pipe patent, US-3890129-A: Aerobic/anaerobic composting device and method of composting patent, US-3900483-A: ' -(2(1h)pyridone)+65 -pivalyl-5-(' -2,4-di-t-amyl-phenoxybutyramide)-acetanilides and derivatives patent, US-3971807-A: Cationic dyestuffs patent, US-3983706-A: Marine structure with hydraulic tensioner patent, US-4352558-A: Apparatus for measuring particle characteristics patent, US-4396635-A: Microwave cake mix patent, US-4399906-A: Temperature expansive screw conveyor patent, US-4801899-A: Quadrature amplitude modulation/demodulation device using multi-level digital signals patent, US-4844593-A: Optical feedback isolator patent, US-5130673-A: Varactor tuned coax resonator patent, US-5169579-A: Catalyst and plasma assisted nucleation and renucleation of gas phase selective laser deposition patent, US-5210734-A: Information management method for appendage type additional information recording medium patent, US-5284711-A: Method for forming a fluororesin film and articles having a fluororesin film formed by the method patent, US-5347156-A: Lateral bipolar transistor with a particular collector structure patent, US-5731322-A: Octahydro-1H-pyrrolo 3,2-g!and 2,3-g!isoquinoline derivatives patent, US-5939248-A: Photothermographic imaging materials and antifoggants therefor patent, US-6117209-A: Hydrometallurgical process for treating alloys and drosses to recover the metal components patent, US-6185548-B1: Neural network methods to predict enzyme inhibitor or receptor ligand potency patent, US-6303212-B1: Ink jet recording element patent, US-6566197-B2: Method for fabricating connection structure between segment transistor and memory cell region of flash memory device patent, US-3869674-A: A.f.c. disabling circuitry patent, US-4051959-A: System for handling goods on carriers for combined railway and overland transportation patent, US-4119889-A: Method and means for improving the efficiency of light generation by an electrodeless fluorescent lamp patent, US-4250054-A: Catalysts for producing unsaturated aliphatic acids patent, US-4340711-A: Process for the preparation of granular silarylenesiloxane copolymers polymerized under conditions of shear patent, US-4341365-A: Video tape cassette patent, US-4391874-A: Magnetic recording medium patent, US-4396490-A: Oil shale retorting method and apparatus patent, US-4475222-A: Tape cassette with use counter patent, US-4513045-A: Sheet type felt patent, US-4521919-A: Bathroom radio patent, US-4571555-A: Re-entrant coaxial cavity power combiner patent, US-4788189-A: Method to treat smoking withdrawal symptoms by potentiated central noradrenergic blocking patent, US-4861862-A: Polyetherimide amide from polyoxyalkylene diimide dicarboxylic acid patent, US-4938699-A: Apparatus for detecting exchanges through the cut end of a plant branch patent, US-5055535-A: Procedure for gas-phase polymerication of ethylene allowing the fabrication of linear polyethylene with a narrow molecular-weight distribution patent, US-5055754-A: Apparatus for detecting an excessive position error in a servo system patent, US-5121184-A: Bipolar transistor containing a self-aligned emitter contact and method for forming transistor patent, US-5192988-A: Semiconductor integrated circuit device produced by charged-particle etching patent, US-5443412-A: Blasting machining apparatus using abrasive particles like powder patent, US-5612000-A: Refill pack for pipette tip racks patent, US-5700859-A: Aqueous emulsion of fluorocarbon polymer and method for producing the same patent, US-5974260-A: Data processor to control a sequence of instructions to be executed by rearranging the instruction blocks patent, US-6166647-A: Fire detector patent, US-6615882-B1: Filling device of a dual layered filling and packing device patent, US-3897902-A: Phase separating tube patent, US-3935833-A: Jet boat pump patent, US-4007188-A: Coumarin and coumarinimide derivatives patent, US-4072514-A: Magnesium composites and mixtures for hydrogen generation and method for manufacture thereof patent, US-4157284-A: Process to obtain conductive and resistive elements in microwave microcircuits patent, US-4169752-A: Process and apparatus for splicing web patent, US-4191780-A: Bromhexine derivatives and process for making same patent, US-4212849-A: Simultaneous extraction and recovery of uranium and vanadium from wet process acids patent, US-4230494-A: Article highly resistant to corrosion by gallium phosphide and gallium arsenide patent, US-4350586-A: Apparatus useful with a chromatography column patent, US-4382466-A: Thermosiphon patent, US-4547475-A: Magnesium halide catalyst support and transition metal catalyst prepared thereon patent, US-4711584-A: Movement of electronic watch of analog display type patent, US-4755289-A: Lubricant filter for internal combustion engines patent, US-4916127-A: Mixed chalcogenide pyrylium salts of a Lewis base patent, US-5038678-A: Calender, in particular a supercalender with multiple relief devices patent, US-5049361-A: Apparatus for fluid-bed catalytic reactions patent, US-5371250-A: Process for the preparation of pure aqueous betaine solutions patent, US-5612875-A: System for accurately determining the mileage traveled by a vehicle within a state without human intervention patent, US-5736908-A: Waveguide-based spatial power combining array and method for using the same patent, US-5750021-A: Oil supply and return tube structure for oil tanks in cars and ships patent, US-5831500-A: Trip flag guide for a circuit breaker patent, US-6067105-A: Multi-focusing laser beam recorder and multi-focusing method thereof patent, US-6333738-B1: Display panel driving apparatus of a simplified structure patent, US-6749846-B1: Interferon-beta use in the treatment of ewing's family of tumors patent, US-3852691-A: Motorized radio search tuner patent, US-3931922-A: Apparatus for mounting semiconductor devices patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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